OSF DCE Administration Guide -- Core Components


Part 1. The DCE Control Program

Chapter 1. DCE Conrol Program Introduction

Chapter 2. Using the DCE Control Program Command Language

Chapter 3. Writing Scripts and dcecp Objects

Part 2. DCE Administration Tasks

Chapter 4. DCE Administration Task Objects

Chapter 5. Managing a DCE Cell

Chapter 6. Managing Your Cell Name

Chapter 7. Managing DCE Hosts

Chapter 8. Managing DCE Users

Part 3. DCE Host and Application Administration

Chapter 9. Managing DCE Host Services and Host Data

Chapter 10. DCE Application Administration

Part 4. Cell Directory Service

Chapter 11. Introduction to the Directory Service

Chapter 12. CDS Concepts

Chapter 13. How CDS Looks Up Names

Chapter 14. How CDS Updates Data

Chapter 15. Managing the DCE Directory Service

Chapter 16. Controlling Access to CDS Names

Chapter 17. Managing Clerks, Servers, and Clearinghouses

Chapter 18. Managing CDS Directories

Chapter 19. Viewing the Structure and Contents of a Namespace

Chapter 20. Using the CDS Subtree Commands to Restructure CDS Directories

Chapter 21. Restructuring a Namespace

Chapter 22. Managing Intercell Naming

Part 5. DCE Distributed Time Service

Chapter 23. Introduction to the DCE Distributed Time Service

Chapter 24. Planning Your DTS Implementation

Chapter 25. Managing the DCE Distributed Time Service

Chapter 26. Interoperation with Network Time Protocol

Part 6. DCE Security Service

Chapter 27. An Overview of DCE Security

Chapter 28. Using Access Control Lists

Chapter 29. Control Programs for Managing the DCE Security Service

Chapter 30. Creating and Maintaining Principals, Groups, and Organizations

Chapter 31. Creating and Maintaining Accounts

Chapter 32. Creating and Using Extended Registry Attributes

Chapter 33. Administering a Multicell Environment

Chapter 34. Viewing Registry Information

Chapter 35. Maintaining Policies and Properties

Chapter 36. Performing Routine Maintenance

Chapter 37. Handling Network Reconfigurations

Chapter 38. Setting Up the Registry

Chapter 39. Importing UNIX Accounts to DCE

Chapter 40. Troubleshooting Procedures

Chapter 41. Accessing Registry Objects

Chapter 42. DCE Audit Service

Chapter 43. DCE Audit Service Administrative Tasks

Chapter 44. Kerberos Interoperability with DCE and Secure Remote Utilities


Appendix A. Valid Characters and Naming Rules for CDS

Appendix B. Object Identifier Files

Appendix C. Time-Providers and Time Services

Appendix D. DTS Extended BNF