Compaq DCE for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha
Release Notes


Contents (summary)


     1     Services Compaq DCE Offers
         1.1         New Features in Version 3.0
     2     Contents of the Kits
         2.1         Runtime Services Kit
         2.2         Application Developer's Kit
         2.3         CDS Server Kit
         2.4         Security Server Kit
     3     Installation/Configuration Prerequisites
         3.1         Reconfiguring After Installation
         3.2         Configuration Prerequisite on OpenVMS Version 6.2
     4     Troubleshooting
     5     Updates to the System Login File
     6     Sizing for a Large Number of Users
     7     Support for Applications
     8     Using TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS (UCX) with DCE
         8.1         Sufficient TCP/IP Sockets
         8.2         Sufficient UCX Small and Large Buffers
         8.3         UCX TCP Protocol Settings
             8.3.1             OpenVMS UCX TCP Parameter Settings
         8.4         cdsLib Service Definition
         8.5         Using MultiNet with DCE
     9     Using PathWay with DCE
     10     Using TCPware with DCE
     11     Kerberos
     12     Windows NT LAN Manager
     13     Linking RPC Stub Modules into Shareable Images
         13.1         Errors Creating a Shareable Image
         13.2         Errors Linking Against a Shareable Image
         13.3         Errors Activating Shareable Images
     14     Restrictions and Known Problems
         14.1         Documentation
         14.2         OpenVMS Supported Versions
         14.3         Kernel Threads and UPCALLS Support
         14.4         DCE Applications Do Not Require Relinking
         14.5         DTS Server
         14.6         Integrated Login and OpenVMS External Authentication
         14.7         Minimum Global Pages
         14.8         RTI (Remote Task Invocation) RPC
         14.9         Format of X.500 Cell Names
         14.10         Shutting Down Compaq DCE for OpenVMS Before Reinstallation
         14.11         Configuring a CDS Replica Clearinghouse
         14.12         Reconfiguring a CDS Replica Clearinghouse
         14.13         Privileged User Refreshing Credentials
         14.14         Support for Integrated Login Before DCE Startup on OpenVMS Systems
         14.15         Support for Integrated Login Before DCE Startup on OpenVMS Workstations
         14.16         32-Character Restriction on DCE Principal Names for Integrated Login
         14.17         Running DCE IMPORT in Batch Mode Without Password
         14.18         Potential Integrated Login and SYSGEN Problems
         14.19         Support for Packet Privacy
         14.20         DCE IDL Compiler and C++ Exceptions
         14.21         Automatic Registration of Servers
         14.22         Support for sigwait()
         14.23         Server Programming
         14.24         Compiling Stubs on Alpha
         14.25         Using the -cpp_cmd (/PREPROCESS) IDL Compiler Option on OpenVMS Alpha
         14.26         UCX Runtime Calls Not Thread Safe
         14.27         POSIX
         14.28         C RTL Routine Sleep Not Thread Safe
         14.29         Ordering of System Startup Procedures
         14.30         Case Sensitivity of DCE Utilities
         14.31         CDSCP Commands Requiring a Local Server
         14.32         DCE Command Line Programs Fail With SMG Error
         14.33         Dumping the CDS Cache
         14.34         CDS Clerk Failing on UCX Shutdown
         14.35         Global Directory Agent Configuration
         14.36         Changes to RPC Shutdown
         14.37         IDL Error When Installing DCE
         14.38         Owner Error When Installing DCE
         14.39         Port Error During DCE Configuration
         14.40         Exception During DCE Configuration Verification Program
         14.41         Problem Converting DTS Local to DTS Global Server
         14.42         Problems With Sun Solaris DCE System as CDS Master
         14.43         Compile Warning in Example Programs
         14.44         Missing CXX Library
         14.45         Unknown Ethernet Device on Host System
         14.46         Public Key Routines Not Supported on OpenVMS
         14.47         Audit Trail Files Require UNIX-Style File Specifications
         14.48         Installation Warnings
     15     New APIs for Authenticated RPC
         15.1         RPC_WINNT_SET_AUTH_IDENTITY
         15.2         RPC_WINNT_FREE_AUTH_IDENTITY
     16     New APIs for Impersonation in DCE
         16.1         RPC_IMPERSONATE_CLIENT
         16.2         RPC_REVERT_TO_SELF
         16.3         RPC_REVERT_TO_SELF_EX
         16.4         Enhanced RPC Security APIs
     17     The Routing File
         17.1         Specifying Filenames in the Routing File
         17.2         Using the Routing File

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