Document revision date: 28 June 1999
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DECdfs for OpenVMS Management Guide

DECdfs for OpenVMS Management Guide

January 1999

Software Version: DECdfs for OpenVMS Version 2.3

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS Alpha Version 6.2, 7.1, and 7.2

OpenVMS VAX Version 5.5-2, 6.2, 7.1, and 7.2

Compaq Computer Corporation Houston, Texas

January 1999

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This manual describes DECdfs for OpenVMS management concepts and procedures and the functions of the management commands. It assumes a division of job responsibilities between the person who manages DECdfs on a network node and the person who manages the Digital Distributed Name Service (DECdns) for a network. Such a division of responsibilities may not always exist. If you need information on DECdns, see the manuals entitled DECdns Management, DECnet-Plus DECdns Management, and DECnet/OSI DECdns Management.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for the DECdfs manager: anyone who sets up, controls, and tunes performance of a DECdfs server, client, or both. Managers must have OpenVMS knowledge and experience to the system manager level and access to the OpenVMS documentation set and to the DECnet documentation set.

Users who need information only about DECdfs commands can find it in the command dictionary in Chapter 4. The manual should be useful to these users, but it is not directed toward them.

Associated Documents

The DECdfs for OpenVMS documentation set consists of this manual, the DECdfs for OpenVMS Installation Guide, and the DECdfs for OpenVMS Release Notes.

Use the OpenVMS documentation set and the appropriate DECnet documentation sets for background and reference information on system management and network management. This manual references the following documents:

Reader's Comments

Compaq welcomes your comments on this manual.

Print or edit the online form SYS$HELP:OPENVMSDOC_COMMENTS.TXT and send us your comments by:
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How To Order Additional Documentation

You can order additional documentation on the World Wide Web. If you need help deciding which documentation best meets your needs, call 800-DIGITAL (800-344-4825).


Special type This special type in examples indicates system output or user input.
Bold type Bold type in hardcopy examples indicates user input.
[ ] Brackets in command lines indicate that the enclosed values are optional. (Do not type the brackets.)
UPPERCASE Uppercase letters in command lines indicate keywords that must be entered. You can enter them in either uppercase or lowercase. You can abbreviate command keywords to the minimum unique abbreviation.
lowercase letters Lowercase letters (often hyphenated) in command syntax or examples indicate variables that the user replaces with appropriate values.

The Return key, which you must press in order to execute commands, is assumed in command examples.

All numbers are decimal unless otherwise noted.

In the DECdfs documentation, DECnet Phase IV is used to refer to DECnet for OpenVMS, and DECnet Phase V is used to refer to either or both DECnet/OSI and DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS.

Throughout this manual, the term you refers to the DECdfs manager: a system manager or other person responsible for installing and managing the DECdfs functions on a node. The term users refers to both the persons and the applications who access files through a DECdfs client. In addition, information about a system also applies to a cluster, except as noted.

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