2.10 Introducing the Five Minute KAP Guide

This section describes how you can get maximum performance in your application programs in the shortest time.

This information can be used with both multiprocessor and single- processor, and with both C and Fortran versions of all KAP products. Therefore, the information may contain references to command-line qualifiers or settings that are unavailable in your KAP or that are different from those in the KAP that you are using.

This section provides separate protocols for small and large programs. Small programs are defined as those that can be compiled and run quickly. Since the cost of each iteration is small, you can take risks. The information presented here further assumes that small programs have a small number of program units.

Large programs are defined as those that take more time to compile and run than it takes for you to check the results. A program can be large either because the source code is very large or because the execution time is long.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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