3.2 Preprocessing a Program for Parallel Execution Using kapc

To execute KAP as a stand-alone preprocessor, use the following commands:

            /NOLINE_DIRECTIVES/PREPROCESS_ONLY=ktmpa416.c  myprog.c

kapc /cmp=myprog_cmp.c ktmpa416.c  /conc

cc/optimize=(tune=host,level=4)/ANSI_ALIAS myprog_cmp.c

link /threads_enable/EXECUTABLE=myprog.exe myprog_cmp.obj,SYS$COMMON:[SYSLIB]kio/lib,

The commands include the following qualifiers and parameters:

When you use kapc to preprocess a file, you must set the C compiler and linker qualifiers appropriately. For this reason, Compaq recommends that you use kcc whenever possible, as kcc automatically sets the compiler and linker qualifiers correctly.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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