4.1.2 /namepartitioning, /namepart, /nnamepart, (/nonamepartitioning)

This qualifier tells KAP to look at distinct array names and limit the number of arrays that appear in a loop to avoid cache thrashing. That is, this qualifier breaks a loop containing, for example, references to arrays A and B into two loops. One loop references array A and the other loop references array B.

Two arguments (i and j ), used in a /namepartitioning=i ,j qualifier, control name partitioning as follows:

If no arguments appear with the /namepartitioning qualifier, KAP uses its default values of 2 for the minimum and 8 for the maximum number of partitions.

Before KAP can perform name partitioning, you must specify the qualifier /scalaropt=n , where n is greater than or equal to 3.

The /nonamepartitioning qualifier explicitly prevents name partitioning.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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