4.7.4 /listoptions, /lo, (/listoptions=o)

The /listoptions qualifier tells KAP what optional information to include in the listing, transformed code, and error files.

The following table lists the values you can use with these qualifiers.
Value  Prints 
c   Calling tree at the end of the program listing 
k   KAP qualifiers used, printed at the end of each program unit 
l   Loop-by-loop optimization table 
n   Program unit names, as processed, to the error file 
o   Annotated listing of the original program 
p   Performance statistics 
s   Summary of the loop optimizations performed 
t   Annotated listing of the transformed program 

The transformed program displayed by t is recorded in the transformed code file regardless of whether you request /listoptions=t .

To disable all of the previous qualifiers and produce no listing file, include /nolist on the command line.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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