6.2.1 /Inline_from and /ipa_from Qualifiers

The following list shows the /inline_from and /ipa_from qualifiers:

/inline_from_files=<list> [/inff]
/inline_from_libraries=<list> [/infl]
/ipa_from_files=<list> [/ipaff]
/ipa_from_libraries=<list> [/ipafl]

In the syntax, <list> is one or more of the following: source file name, library file name, or directory, separated by commas.

The default is the current source file. You can distinguish types of files by their extensions. The /inline_from_files=xj.c,yy.c,[- .mrtn] would look for functions in the C source files xj.c and yy.c , and in C source files in the directory [-.mrtn] . All source files that contain C preprocessor directives must be preprocessed by cc before being inlined.

The /..._libraries versions of these qualifiers take as their arguments lists of function libraries and directories containing such libraries.

KAP recognizes the type of file from its extension, or lack of one, as follows:

Two special abbreviations are defined:

If multiple /inline_from... [/ipa_from...] qualifiers are given, their lists are concatenated to get a bigger universe.

Function name references are resolved by a search in the order that files appear in /inline_from... /ipa_from... qualifiers on the command line. Libraries are searched in their original lexical order. Multiple /inline_from... /ipa_from... lists are searched in the order that they appear on the command line.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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