8 KAP Listing

This chapter describes the types of information available in the optional KAP listing. To determine KAP status and effectiveness, and to help you locate trouble spots where assertions or special transformations could help, KAP can list the optimizations it performed on each loop in the program. For example, in some cases KAP may communicate to the user that any of three loops could have been concurrentized, but KAP concurrentized only the one it considered most profitable. In other cases, a concurrentizable loop is left serial, because it will execute faster in that form. Because KAP optimizations can produce correct but unexpected code, KAP puts a note in the loop table explaining the action.

KAP does not produce a listing file unless requested. See Chapter 4 for a description of the /list command qualifier.

The following section describes the listing information that you can specify with the /listoptions command qualifier. Then, an example of KAP output for syntax errors is presented. The last section of the chapter explains the descriptive messages in the loop table section of the listing.

See the /cmpoptions qualifier for the optional information available in the transformed code file.

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