8.2 Syntax Error/Warning Messages

KAP tries to match the syntax error and warning messages of the compiler it runs with. A file that will cause the compiler to issue a syntax error will cause KAP to issue a syntax error.

When a syntax error is found, KAP stops reading the input file after the current function definition has been read. The function with the syntax error will not be sent to the output file, so only code without syntax errors is put into the KAP transformed code file.

When illegal syntax or any other error is found, KAP writes a message to the error file on OpenVMS Alpha systems, as shown in the following example:

Error: line 3: file 3_crlib.c: KAP-I-ERR_STMT_MISSIN, missing

KAP also may write syntax warning messages to the error file, but optimization proceeds. Syntax warning messages are issued for OpenVMS Alpha constructs that are illegal, but whose intent is clear.

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