Compaq ACMS for OpenVMS
Managing Applications

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Appendix B
Error Messages

This appendix contains file specifications for the ACMS error message files and information about how ACMS reports error messages generated by other products.

B.1 ACMS Error Messages

For explanations and user actions on the messages the ACMS commands and application management utilities return, use the help available for each utility, or type or print the following files at DCL command level:


Online help is not available for terminal user messages. For an explanation of terminal user messages, display or print the following file:


Online help is not available for Audit Trail Logger errors. For an explanation of messages written to the Audit Trail Logger, display or print the following file:


B.2 Error Messages from Other Products

The ACMS Audit Trail Report (ATR) Utility cannot translate message codes from any facility other than ACMS and TDMS. When an error generated by another product occurs, ACMS reports the error message number of the message, not the message itself, for example:

message number 000288664 

Enable the ATR Utility to translate message codes from other products by using the SET MESSAGE command and specifying the name of the product's error message file, for example:


See documentation on the product you are interested in for the name of its error message file.

Appendix C
Requirements for Successful ACMS Sign-Ins

As system manager, you must understand the problems users can have when they try to sign in to ACMS. You have control over the tools that can prevent or allow successful sign-ins. This appendix lists a set of requirements to help ensure that users can access ACMS.

C.1 ACMS Sign-In Requirements

The ACMS software requires that certain files be present and certain entries be available in various databases before users can sign in to ACMS on ACMS-controlled or OpenVMS-controlled terminals. The requirements listed here can help you identify problems users encounter.

First, check the Software Event Log (SWL) and the Audit Trail Report (ATR) for additional details on the failure. If the SWL and audit information is not detailed enough to resolve the problem, then continue with the following checklist.

When these errors occur for only some of the users typing an ACMS/ENTER, check the following items:

When these errors occur for all users typing an ACMS/ENTER, check these items:

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