2.4.1 /c, /c, (/c)

The /c qualifier causes KAP to compile but not link your program. Do not pass the /c qualifier with /ckapargs . The following example shows the correct syntax for using the /c qualifier.

kcc /ckapargs=(/verbose) /c myprog.c

The output from the /c qualifier shows that kcc issues kapc and the compiler commands only, as follows:

$ kcc /ckapargs=(/verbose) myprog.c
kapc /cmp=myprog_cmp.c ktmpa416.c
 KAP/Digital_VMS_C   V3.1 k271906 970317    08-Apr-1997   10:39:48
0 errors in file ktmpa416.c

Issuing the compiler command:
 cc/optimize=(tune=host,level=4)/ANSI_ALIAS myprog_cmp.c

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Command-Line Qualifiers