4.7.4 /listoptions, /lo, (/listoptions=o)

The /listoptions qualifier tells KAP what optional information to include in the listing, transformed code, and error files.

You can select any of the following information:
Value  Prints 
c   Calling tree at the end of the program listing 
k   KAP qualifiers used, printed at the end of each program unit 
l   Loop-by-loop optimization table 
n   Program unit names, as processed, to the error file 
o   Annotated listing of the original program 
p   Performance statistics 
s   Summary of the loop optimizations performed 
t   Annotated listing of the transformed program 

The transformed program displayed by t is recorded in the transformed code file regardless of whether you request /listoptions=t .

To disable all of the previous qualifiers and produce no listing file, include /nolist on the command line.

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Command-Line Qualifiers