Need to communicate, market and succeed in the digital age with a global innovative design group?

Does the Web work for you?

Does your business speak many languages?

Considering multimedia communication?

Want to train for impact?

Documenting technical products?

Is your technology intuitive?

Need one look and feel for your information?

Looking for custom information application services?

Interested in database to web connectivity?

Need to convert documentation for better display through today's online
browsers ?

Are You ISO 9000 Registered?

Put the Web to work

Is having a Web site enough?
Many companies have found that merely having a presence on the Web is not enough -- and that's where we come in. Clients have discovered that we were able to help them project the right image, communicate competitive messages, and transact business on the Web. Our team of experts can help you design Web solutions that work for you.

Deliver to many cultures

Does your business translate into many cultures?
Our complete localization service covers every stage of your information solution -- we've helped our customers to market over one thousand products in many languages. Imagine delivering a single product in thirty languages simultaneously!

Bring your ideas to life

Do you want to draw customers into your world by appealing to their senses?
Our multimedia team can help you do just that, combining graphics, photography, narration, music, video, and sophisticated 3D animation into an engaging, interactive multimedia experience.

Document your product

Do you need to develop technical documentation?
Today, users of technological products expect online documentation that is integrated, clear, concise, and intuitive. For over twenty years, the society for Technical Communication has consistently recognized the work we've done for our clients by giving us many awards for excellence.
3D Animators

Application Developers

Audio Engineers

Course Developers

Graphic Designers

Information Designers

Instructional Designers

Integration Specialists

Interface Designers

Linguistic Leaders

Localization Designers

Marketing Writers

Multimedia Producers

Production Coordinators

Project Managers

Software Engineers

Technical Editors

Technical Writers

Terminology Leader


Usability Engineers

Video Producers

Web Designers

Web Masters

Web Programmers

Make technology usable

How are user needs satisfied by your technology?
Our usability expertise can help you build customer needs into your products and your information solutions. Working with your design team, our usability consultants can help you create intuitive products that are easy to learn, easy to use, and user-friendly.

Create a single image

Do you need to speak with one voice?
Some of our clients find that their multimedia information, Web pages, product documentation, marketing collateral, and training materials communicate similar information in disconnected ways. We help clients bring this information together in a cohesive and architecturally sound framework.

We deliver quality every time. That's why we're ISO 9001 registered, with over 250 people worldwide to serve you. And 90% of our business comes from references -- demonstrating our passion for quality.

Train for impact

How can you leverage technology for training?
Whether you want traditional instruction or advanced technology-based training, our designers will help you develop, plan, and implement powerful instructional tools.

Implement and Maintain ISO Registration

Are you looking for an effective way to manage your Quality system?
Whether you are going for ISO registration for the first time, or are up for renewal, our intranet-based electronic performance support system (EPSS) will drastically reduce the time and expense of creating or maintaining your quality system. We can help keep your quality system in step with your evolving business and help get your employees engaged in your quality efforts while making management of the system less resource intensive. This intranet-based technology has worked in our own ISO 9001 implementation; it can work for you too!

The Management of Information / Create a custom solution

Is your key information at your customers fingertips?
Our specialized Information Management Process Applications & Custom Tools(IMPACT) team will help you take full advantage of your (or your business partners) product or business information, ensuring it reaches the right people at the right time, in the right format. We will work with your database content, design customized user interfaces, create intelligent search routines, integrate content from multiple data formats, assist in online transaction processing, automated subscription services, dynamic database queries and delivering solutions through the web, CD-ROM, DVD or other media types. Contact us today and let us help you get the most out of your information dollar.

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