BASEstartm Classic DAS for OMNItm Software

BASEstartm Classic DAS
for OMNItm Software

Installation and User's Guide

Order Number: AA-R21CB-TE

April 2000

This manual describes how to install and use the DAS for OMNI Software for BASEstar Classic on OpenVMS.

Revision/Update Information: This is a revised document.

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS/Alpha Version 6.1

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS/VAX Version 5.5-2

Interface Software and Version: BASEstar Classic Version 3.4

Network Software and Version: OMNI/Alpha Version 2.1

Network Software and Version: OMNI/VAX Version 2.0A

Software Version: BASEstar Classic DAS for OMNI Software, Version 3.4A

Compaq Computer Corporation
Houston, Texas

April 2000

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This document describes how to install and use the BASEstar Classic DAS for OMNI software.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for use by system managers who must set up and maintain the following:

This document is also intended for use by application programmers who develop shop-floor management software layered on BASEstar Classic for OpenVMS.

Readers of this document should have a solid understanding of OpenVMS operations and administration, as well as OpenVMS application software. In addition, knowledge of the OMNI devices and the specific requirements of the installation site is essential.

Document Structure

This document is organized as follows:

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