Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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DECamds Version 7.2-1 Release Notes

Release notes pertaining to DECamds Version 7.2-1 follow.

1 Changes and Enhancements

The following sections describe important changes to DECamds in Versions 7.2 and 7.2-1.

1.1 Incorrect Reporting That Process Is Not Running

In versions of DECamds prior to Version 7.2-1, the Process Name Search function sometimes incorrectly reported that a process was not running. A NOPROC message was sent to the event log for a named process, but the remote system process list showed that the process was active. This problem has been corrected.


Prior to DECamds Version 7.2-1, after the application had run for many hours, particularly under memory-constrained conditions, the system sometimes failed in SYS$RMDRIVER.EXE. The reason for this failure was a pagefault with an IPL too high (PGFIPLHI) bugcheck. This problem has been corrected.

1.3 Number of CPUs Shown Correctly

Prior to OpenVMS Version 7.2, on SMP or Galaxy nodes with multiple CPUs, if the number of CPUs changed, the number of CPUs shown was incorrect and computations were made incorrectly. Beginning in Version 7.2, these anomalies have been corrected.

1.4 Installation Procedure Change

DECamds consists of client and server software:

In earlier versions of OpenVMS, you needed to install both client and server software on your system from the lastest DECamds kit.

1.4.1 Server Software: No Installation Required

Beginning with OpenVMS Version 7.2, the Data Collector ships as part of the OpenVMS installation. In other words, after you install or upgrade to OpenVMS Version 7.2, the Data Collector is on your system.

To use the Data Collector, do either of the following:

1.4.2 Client Software: Installation Required

Beginning in OpenVMS Version 7.2, you need to reinstall the DECamds client software on the system where you run the client, or graphical user interface. You need to do this to obtain the new library for DECamds Version 7.2 and later.

Making RMDRIVER part of OpenVMS requires moving the following files:
File New Directory Location

These new directory locations should not affect previous copies of AMDS$DRIVER_ACCESS.DAT that are in the AMDS$SYSTEM directory because the AMDS$SYSTEM logical is now a search list for SYS$COMMON:[AMDS] and SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR]. Copies of the files listed above from previous versions of DECamds will still be valid; however, new copies of the files will be placed in the new locations.

1.5 Event Log File and Lock Log File Enhanced

Prior to Version 7.2, the Event Log File and Lock Log File were created with a default creation size of 1 block and a default extension size of 1 block. This sometimes resulted in a very fragmented log file (and disk) when DECamds was allowed to run for a long period of time.

Beginning in Version 7.2, two new logicals in the AMDS$LOGICALS.COM file allow users to define additional sizes in log files; these logicals and their default values are shown in the following table:
Logical Description Default Value
AMDS$EVTLOG_ALLOC_SIZE Sets the initial size of the log files 100 blocks
AMDS$EVTLOG_EXTNT_SIZE Sets the extension size of a file when it needs to grow 0 blocks

The default value for AMDS$EVTLOG_EXTNT_SIZE causes DECamds to use the system defaults for extent size.

1.6 Handling of Unknown Adapter Types Improved

Prior to Version 7.2, DECamds labeled an adapter that reported an unknown RPORT value "UNKNOWN", but provided no other information in the SCA Summary Window. Beginning with Version 7.2, DECamds displays the value that a remote system returns for RPORT as well as the "UNKNOWN" label.

1.7 Similar Groups Sorted Correctly

Prior to Version 7.2, if the first three characters of group names were similar, DECamds sometimes did not sort them correctly. In OpenVMS Version 7.2, the sorting algorithm has been corrected, and DECamds now sorts group names correctly.

2 Problems and Restrictions

The following section describes DECamds restrictions.

2.1 Limit in Display of Multiple CPUs

DECamds currently displays only up to 8 CPUs on an SMP or Galaxy node with multiple CPUs.

2.2 Kernel Threads Not Supported (Alpha Only)

DECamds support for kernel threads has not been implemented on OpenVMS Alpha systems. If you use threaded processes, DECamds displays only the top thread.

2.3 Version 6.1 Not Supported for the Data Analyzer

OpenVMS no longer supports DECamds Version 6.1. As a result, beginning with OpenVMS Version 7.2 of DECamds, you can no longer install DECamds Version 6.1 systems. You can, however, still monitor Version 6.1 systems.

If you must run the Data Analyzer from an OpenVMS Version 6.1 system, use an older version of DECamds. However, you will be unable to take advantage of new features that have been added to DECamds.

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