COMPLEX(4) Constants

A COMPLEX(4) constant is a pair of integer or single-precision real constants that represent a complex number.

A COMPLEX(4) constant occupies eight bytes of memory and is interpreted as a complex number.

If the real and imaginary part of a complex literal constant are both real, the kind parameter value is that of the part with the greater decimal precision.

The rules for REAL(4) constants apply to REAL(4) constants used in COMPLEX constants. (See Sections and for the rules on forming REAL(4) constants.)

The REAL(4) constants in a COMPLEX constant have one of the following formats:


The following examples demonstrate valid and invalid COMPLEX(4) constants:

(44.36_4,-12.2E16_ 4)    
Invalid  Explanation 
(1.23,)   Missing second integer or single-precision real constant. 
(1.0, 2H12)   Hollerith constant not allowed. 

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