3.1.4 Logical Data Types

Logical data types can be specified as follows:

Is kind 1, 2, 4, or 8. Kind 8 is only available on Alpha processors.

If a kind parameter is specified, the logical constant has the kind specified. If no kind parameter is specified, the kind of the constant is default logical.

Logical Constants

A logical constant represents only the logical values true or false, and takes one of the following forms:

Is the optional kind parameter: 1 for LOGICAL(1), 2 for LOGICAL(2), 4 for LOGICAL(4), or 8 for LOGICAL(8). It must be preceded by an underscore ( _ ).

Logical data type ranges correspond to their comparable integer data type ranges. For example, the LOGICAL(2) range is the same as the INTEGER(2) range.

For More Information:

For details on integer data type ranges, see your user manual or programmer's guide.

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