Assumed-Size Specifications

An assumed-size array is a dummy argument array that assumes the size (only) of its associated actual argument array; the rank and extents can differ for the actual and dummy arrays. An assumed-size specification takes the following form:

 ([expli-shape-spec,] [expli-shape-spec,]... [dl:] *)
Is an explicit-shape specification (see Section
Is a specification expression indicating the lower bound of the dimension. The expression can have a positive, negative, or zero value. If necessary, the value is converted to integer type.

If the lower bound is not specified, it is assumed to be 1.

Is the upper bound of the last dimension.

The rank of the array is the number of explicit-shape specifications plus 1.

The size of the array is assumed from the actual argument associated with the assumed-size dummy array as follows:

An assumed-size array can only be used as a whole array reference in the following cases:

Because the actual size of an assumed-size array is unknown, an assumed-size array cannot be used as any of the following in an I/O statement:

The following is an example of an assumed-size specification:


For More Information:

For details on array element order, see Section

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