8.4.1 General Rules for Function and Subroutine Subprograms

A subprogram can be an external, module, or internal subprogram. The END statement for an internal or module subprogram must be END SUBROUTINE [name] for a subroutine, or END FUNCTION [name] for a function. In an external subprogram, the SUBROUTINE and FUNCTION keywords are optional.

If a subprogram name appears after the END statement, it must be the same as the name specified in the SUBROUTINE or FUNCTION statement.

Function and subroutine subprograms can change the values of their arguments, and the calling program can use the changed values.

A SUBROUTINE or FUNCTION statement can be optionally preceded by an OPTIONS statement.

Dummy arguments (except for dummy pointers or dummy procedures) can be specified with an intent and can be made optional.

The following sections describe recursion, pure procedures, and user-defined elemental procedures.

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