References to Elemental Intrinsic Procedures

An elemental intrinsic procedure has scalar dummy arguments that can be called with scalar or array actual arguments. If actual arguments are array-valued, they must have the same shape. There are many elemental intrinsic functions, but only one elemental intrinsic subroutine (MVBITS).

If the actual arguments are scalar, the result is scalar. If the actual arguments are array-valued, the scalar-valued procedure is applied element-by-element to the actual argument, resulting in an array that has the same shape as the actual argument.

The values of the elements of the resulting array are the same as if the scalar-valued procedure had been applied separately to the corresponding elements of each argument.

For example, if A and B are arrays of shape (5,6), MAX(A, 0.0, B) is an array expression of shape (5,6) whose elements have the value MAX(A (i, j), 0.0, B (i, j)), where i = 1, 2,..., 5, and j = 1, 2,..., 6.

A reference to an elemental intrinsic procedure is an elemental reference if one or more actual arguments are arrays and all array arguments have the same shape.

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