9.2.2 Intrinsic Subroutines

Table 9-4 lists the intrinsic subroutines. All these subroutines are nonelemental except for MVBITS.

Table 9-4 Intrinsic Subroutines

Subroutine  Value Returned 
CPU_TIME (TIME)  The processor time in seconds 
DATE (BUF)  The ASCII representation of the current date (in dd-mmm-yy form) 
DATE_AND_TIME ([DATE] [,TIME] [,ZONE] [,VALUES])  Date and time information from the real-time clock 
ERRSNS ([IO_ERR] [,SYS_ERR] [,STAT] [,UNIT] [,COND])  Information about the most recently detected error condition 
EXIT ([STATUS])  Image exit status is optionally returned; the program is terminated, all files closed, and control is returned to the operating system 
FREE (A)  Frees memory that is currently allocated 
IDATE (I, J, K)  Three integer values representing the current month, day, and year 
MVBITS (FROM, FROMPOS, LEN, TO, TOPOS)[1]  A sequence of bits (bit field) is copied from one location to another 
RANDOM_NUMBER (HARVEST)  A pseudorandom number taken from a sequence of pseudorandom numbers uniformly distributed within the range 0 <= x < 1 
RANDOM_SEED ([SIZE] [,PUT] [,GET])  The initialization or retrieval of the pseudorandom number generator seed value 
RANDU (I1, I2, X)  A pseudorandom number as a single- precision value (within the range 0.0 to 1.0) 
SYSTEM_CLOCK ([COUNT] [,COUNT_RATE] [,COUNT_MAX])  Data from the processors real-time clock 
TIME (BUF)  The ASCII representation of the current time (in hh:mm:ss form) 

[1] An elemental subroutine

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