9.3.44 EOF (A)

Description:  Checks whether a file is at or beyond the end-of-file record.[1] 
Class:  Inquiry function; Generic 
Arguments:  A must be of type integer. It represents a unit specifier corresponding to an open file. It cannot be zero unless you have reconnected unit zero to a unit other than the screen or keyboard. 
Results:  The value of the result is .TRUE. if the file connected to A is at or beyond the end-of-file record; otherwise, .FALSE.. 

[1] This specific function cannot be passed as an actual argument.


Consider the following:

!  Creates a file of random numbers, reads them back
       REAL x, total
       INTEGER count
       OPEN (1, FILE = 'TEST.DAT')
       DO I = 1, 20
         WRITE (1, '(F6.3)') x * 100.0
       END DO
       OPEN (1, FILE = 'TEST.DAT')
       DO WHILE (.NOT. EOF(1))
         count = count + 1
         READ (1, *) value
         total = total + value
       END DO
100    IF ( count .GT. 0) THEN
         WRITE (*,*) 'Average is: ', total / count
         WRITE (*,*) 'Input file is empty '
       END IF

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