9.3.52 FP_CLASS (X)

Description:  Returns the class of an IEEE real (S_floating, T_floating, or X_floating) argument. On OpenVMS systems, the compiler option specifying IEEE floating format must be set. 
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  X must be of type real.  
Results:  The result type is default integer. The return value is one of the following:
Class of Argument                Return Value

Signaling NaN                    FOR_K_FP_SNAN
Quiet NaN                        FOR_K_FP_QNAN
Positive Infinity                FOR_K_FP_POS_INF
Negative Infinity                FOR_K_FP_NEG_INF
Positive Normalized Number       FOR_K_FP_POS_NORM
Negative Normalized Number       FOR_K_FP_NEG_NORM
Positive Denormalized Number     FOR_K_FP_POS_DENORM
Negative Denormalized Number     FOR_K_FP_NEG_DENORM
Positive Zero                    FOR_K_FP_POS_ZERO
Negative Zero                    FOR_K_FP_NEG_ZERO

The preceding return values are defined in file fordef.f on Tru64 UNIX systems, file $FOR_FP_CLASS on OpenVMS systems, and file fordef.for on Windows NT and Windows 9* systems. For information on the location of these files, see your user manual or programmer's guide. 


FP_CLASS (4.0_8) has the value 4 (FOR_K_FP_POS_NORM).

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