9.3.57 IACHAR (C)

Description:  Returns the position of a character in the ASCII collating sequence.  
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  C must be of type character of length 1. 
Results:  The result type is default integer. If C is in the ASCII collating sequence, the result is the position of C in that sequence and satisfies the inequality (0 <= IACHAR(C) <= 127).

The results must be consistent with the LGE, LGT, LLE, and LLT lexical comparison functions. For example, if LLE(C, D) is true, IACHAR(C) .LE. IACHAR(D) is also true. 


IACHAR ( 'Y' ) has the value 89.

IACHAR ( '%' ) has the value 37.

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