9.3.74 ISHFTC (I, SHIFT [,SIZE])

Description:  Performs a circular shift of the rightmost bits.  
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  I Must be of type integer. 
  SHIFT Must be of type integer. The absolute value for SHIFT must be less than or equal to SIZE. 
  SIZE (opt) Must be of type integer. The value of SIZE must be positive and must not exceed BIT_SIZE (I). If SIZE is omitted, it is assumed to have the value of BIT_SIZE (I). 
Results:  The result type is the same as I. The result value is obtained by circular shifting the SIZE rightmost bits of I by SHIFT positions. If SHIFT is positive, the shift is to the left; if SHIFT is negative, the shift is to the right. If SHIFT is zero, no shift is performed.

No bits are lost. Bits in I beyond the value specified by SIZE are unaffected. For more information on bit functions, see Section 9.2.3.

The model for the interpretation of an integer value as a sequence of bits is shown in Section D.3

Specific Name  Argument Type  Result Type 


ISHFTC (4, 2, 4) has the value 1.

ISHFTC (3, 1, 3) has the value 6.

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