Description:  Determines whether a string is lexically greater than another string, based on the ASCII collating sequence. 
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  STRING_A Must be of type character. 
  STRING_B Must be of type character. 
Results:  The result type is default logical. If the strings are of unequal length, the comparison is made as if the shorter string were extended on the right with blanks, to the length of the longer string.

The result is true if STRING_A follows STRING_B in the ASCII collating sequence; otherwise, the result is false. If both strings are of zero length, the result is also false. 

Specific Name  Argument Type  Result Type 

[1] This specific function cannot be passed as an actual argument.


LGT ( 'TWO', 'THREE' ) has the value true.

LGT ( 'ONE', 'FOUR' ) has the value true.

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