9.3.88 LOG10 (X)

Description:  Returns the common logarithm of the argument.  
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  X must be of type real. The value of X must be greater than zero. 
Results:  The result type is the same as X. The result has a value equal to log10X.  

Specific Name  Argument Type  Result Type 
ALOG10[1]  REAL(4)  REAL(4) 
DLOG10  REAL(8)  REAL(8) 
QLOG10  REAL(16)  REAL(16) 

[1] The setting of compiler options specifying real size can affect ALOG10.


LOG10 (8.0) has the value 0.9030900.

LOG10 (15.0) has the value 1.176091.

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