9.3.108 NULL ([MOLD])

Description:  Initializes a pointer as disassociated when it is declared. This is a Fortran 95 intrinsic function. 
Class:  Transformational function; Generic 
Arguments:  MOLD must be a pointer; it can be of any type. Its pointer association status can be associated, disassociated, or undefined. If its status is associated, the target does not have to be defined with a value. 
Results:  The result type is the same as MOLD (if present); otherwise, it is determined as follows:
If NULL ( ) Appears...       Type is Determined From...

On the right side of
   pointer assignment        The pointer on the left side
As initialization for an
   object in a declaration   The object
As default initialization
   for a component           The component
In a structure constructor   The corresponding component
As an actual argument        The corresponding dummy argument
In a DATA statement          The corresponding pointer object

The result is a pointer with disassociated association status.  


Consider the following:


This statement defines the initial association status of POINT1 to be disassociated.

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