Key-of-Reference Specifier (VMS only)

The key-of-reference specifier can optionally accompany the key- field-value specifier. The key-of-reference specifier indicates the key-field index that is searched to find the designated key-field value. It takes the following form:

  KEYID = kn
Is an integer expression indicating the key-field index. This expression is called the key of reference. Its value must be in the range 0 to 254.

A value of zero indicates the primary key, a value of 1 indicates the first alternate key, a value of 2 indicates the second alternate key, and so forth.

If no kn is indicated, the default number is the last specification given in a keyed I/O statement for that I/O unit.

For More Information:

For details on the key-field-value specifier, see Section

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