Rules for Unformatted Direct-Access WRITE Statements

Unformatted, direct-access WRITE statements transfer binary data (without translation) between the entities specified in the I/O list and the current record. Only one record is written.

Objects of intrinsic or derived types can be transferred.

If the values specified by the I/O list do not fill a record, blank characters are added to fill the record. If the I/O list specifies too many characters for the record, an error occurs.

If the file is connected for formatted, list-directed, or namelist I/O, unformatted data transfer is prohibited.


The following example shows unformatted, direct-access WRITE statements:

WRITE (1, REC=10) LIST(1), LIST(8)
WRITE (4, REC=58, IOSTAT=K, ERR=500) (RHO(N), N=1,5)

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