11.4.2 H Editing

The H edit descriptor transfers data between the external record and the H edit descriptor itself. The H edit descriptor is an obsolescent Fortran 90 feature, which has been deleted in Fortran 95. Compaq Fortran fully supports features deleted in Fortran 95.

An H edit descriptor has the form of a Hollerith constant, as follows:

Is an unsigned, positive default integer literal constant (with no kind parameter) indicating the number of characters in string (including blanks and tabs).

The range of n is 1 through 2147483647 (2**31-1) on Alpha processors; 1 through 32767 (2**15-1) on Intel processors. Actual useful ranges may be constrained by record sizes (RECL=) and the file system.

Is a string of printable ASCII characters.

On input, the H edit descriptor transfers n characters from the external field to the edit descriptor. The first character appears immediately after the letter H. Any characters in the edit descriptor before input are replaced by the input characters.

On output, the H edit descriptor causes n characters following the letter H to be output to an external record.

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