12.6.10 DEFAULTFILE Specifier

The DEFAULTFILE specifier indicates a default file specification string. It takes the following form:

Is a character expression indicating a default file specification string.

This specifier can supply a value to the RMS default file specification string for the missing components of a file specification. If you omit the DEFAULTFILE specifier, Compaq Fortran uses the default value "FORnnn.DAT", where nnn is the unit number with leading zeros.

The default file specification string is used primarily when accepting file specifications interactively. Complete file specifications known to a user program normally appear in the FILE specifier.

You can indicate default values for any one of the following file-specification components:

If you indicate values for any of these components in the FILE specifier, they override any values indicated in the DEFAULTFILE specifier.

For More Information:

For details on specifying file-specification components, see the OpenVMS Record Management Services Reference Manual.

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