13.5.16 NAME Specifier

The NAME specifier returns the name of a file. It takes the following form:

 NAME = nme
Is a scalar default character variable that is assigned the name of the file to which the unit is connected. If the file does not have a name, nme is undefined.

The value assigned to nme is not necessarily the same as the value given in the FILE specifier. However, the value that is assigned is always valid for use with the FILE specifier in an OPEN statement, unless the value has been truncated in a way that makes it unacceptable. (Values are truncated if the declaration of nme is too small to contain the entire value.)

The FILE and NAME specifiers are synonyms when used with the OPEN statement, but not when used with the INQUIRE statement.

For More Information:

For details on the maximum size of file pathnames, see the appropriate manual in your operating system documentation set.

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