13.6.15 IOFOCUS Specifier (WNT, W9*)

The IOFOCUS specifier indicates whether a particular unit is the active window in a QuickWin application. It takes the following form:

 IOFOCUS = iof
Is a scalar default logical expression that evaluates to one of the following values:

.TRUE.  Indicates the QuickWin child window is the active window 
.FALSE.  Indicates the QuickWin child window is not the active window 

If unit '*' is specified, the default is .FALSE.; otherwise, the default is .TRUE..

A value of .TRUE. causes a call to FOCUSQQ immediately before any READ, WRITE, or PRINT statement to that window.

For More Information:

For details on QuickWin applications, see your Windows NT or Windows 9* online help.

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