13.6.26 SHARE Specifier (WNT, W9*)

The SHARE specifier indicates whether file locking is implemented while the unit is open. It takes the following form:

 SHARE = shr
Is a scalar default character expression that evaluates to one of the following values:

'DENYRW'   Indicates deny-read/write mode. No other process can open the file. 
'DENYWR'  Indicates deny-write mode. No process can open the file with write access. 
'DENYRD'   Indicates deny-read mode. No process can open the file with read access. 
'DENYNONE'   Indicates deny-none mode. Any process can open the file in any mode. 

The default is 'DENYWR'. However, if you use the compiler option specifying Fortran PowerStation semantics, the default is 'DENYNONE'.

For More Information:

For details on limitations on record access, see your user manual or programmer's guide.

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