15.1.2 ALIAS Directive

The ALIAS directive lets you specify an alternate external name to be used when referring to external subprograms. This can be useful when compiling applications written for other platforms that have different naming conventions.

The ALIAS directive takes the following form:

 cDEC$ ALIAS internal-name, external-name
Is one of the following: C (or c), !, or * (see Section
Is the name of the subprogram as used in the current program unit.
Is a name, or a character constant delimited by apostrophes or quotation marks.

If a name is specified, the name (in uppercase) is used as the external name for the specified internal-name. If a character constant is specified, it is used as is; the string is not changed to uppercase, nor are blanks removed.

The ALIAS directive affects only the external name used for references to the specified internal-name.

Names that are not acceptable to the linker will cause link-time errors.

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