15.1.18 TITLE and SUBTITLE Directives

The TITLE directive specifies a string for the title field of a listing header. Similarly, SUBTITLE specifies a string for the subtitle field of a listing header.

These directives take the following forms: [See Note]

 cDEC$ TITLE string
 cDEC$ SUBTITLE string
Is one of the following: C (or c), !, or * (see Section 15.1.1).
Is a character constant containing up to 31 printable characters.

Rules and Behavior

To enable TITLE and SUBTITLE directives, you must specify the compiler option that produces a source listing file.

When TITLE or SUBTITLE appear on a page of a listing file, the specified string appears in the listing header of the following page.

If two or more of either directive appear on a page, the last directive is the one in effect for the following page.

If either directive does not specify a string, no change occurs in the listing file header.

Note: The following forms are also allowed: !MS$TITLE:string and !MS$SUBTITLE:string

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