15.3.5 INHERIT Directive (U*X only)

The INHERIT directive specifies that a dummy argument is aligned in the same way as the actual argument, if the actual argument has been named in an ALIGN directive.

The INHERIT directive takes the following form:

 !HPF$ INHERIT d-arg-list
Is a list of one or more dummy arguments. The dummy argument must not also appear in an ALIGN directive.

Rules and Behavior

The INHERIT directive causes the named subprogram dummy arguments to inherit the template of their corresponding actual arguments.

In Compaq Fortran, only alignments (not distributions) can be inherited. The INHERIT directive is not a substitute for descriptive DISTRIBUTE directives.

The INHERIT directive can appear only in the specification part of a scoping unit.

An INHERIT directive can be combined with other directives as part of a combined directive.

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