C.2 The DEC Multinational Character Set (VMS, U*X)

The ASCII character set comprises the first half of the DEC Multinational Character Set. Figure C-2 represents the second half of the DEC Multinational Character Set (characters with decimal values 128 through 255). The first half of each of the numbered columns identifies the character as you would see it on a terminal or printer (these characters cannot be output on some older terminals and printers). The characters with names are nonprintable. In Figure C-2, the characters with names are defined as follows:

IND  Index  PU1  Private Use 1 
NEL  Next Line  PU2  Private Use 2 
SSA  Start of Selected Area  STS  Set Transmit State 
ESA  End of Selected Area  CCH  Cancel Character 
HTS  Horizontal Tab Set  MW  Message Waiting 
HTJ  Horizontal Tab Set with Justification  SPA  Start of Protected Area 
VTS  Vertical Tab Set  EPA  End of Protected Area 
PLD  Partial Line Down  CSI  Control Sequence Introducer 
PLU  Partial Line Up  ST  String Terminator 
RI  Reverse Index  OSC  Operating System Command 
SS2  Single Shift 2  PM  Privacy Message 
SS3  Single Shift 3  APC  Application 
DCS  Device Control String     

The shaded boxes in Figure C-2 indicate positions that are not part of the character set.

Figure C-2 Graphic Representation of the DEC Multinational Extension to the ASCII Character Set

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