15.2.3 OpenMP Fortran API Compiler Directives (U*X only)

Compaq Fortran supplies parallel directives that comply with OpenMP Fortran Application Program Interface (API) specification Version 1.0.

Use these directives when writing new programs for parallel execution.

This section describes conditional compilation rules, nesting and binding rules, and the following directives:

The OpenMP parallel directives can be grouped into the categories shown in Table 15-3.

Table 15-3 Categories of OpenMP Fortran Parallel Directives (U*X only)

Category  Description 
Parallel region  Defines a parallel region: PARALLEL 
Work-sharing  Divide the execution of the enclosed block of code among the members of the team that encounter it: DO and SECTIONS 
Combined parallel work-sharing  Shortcut for denoting a parallel region that contains only one work-sharing construct: PARALLEL DO and PARALLEL SECTIONS 
Synchronization  Provide various aspects of synchronization; for example, access to a block of code, or execution order of statements within a block of code: ATOMIC, BARRIER, CRITICAL, FLUSH, MASTER, and ORDERED. 
Data Environment  Control the data environment during the execution of parallel constructs: THREADPRIVATE 

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