COPYIN Directive (U*X only)

The COPYIN directive copies the values of listed data objects from the master thread to PRIVATE data objects of the same name in slave threads. It takes the following form: [See Note]

  c$PAR COPYIN object[, object]...
Is one of the following: C (or c), !, or * (see Section 15.2.1).
Is the name of a variable, a single array element, or a named common block. A named common block must appear between slashes (//).

Rules and Behavior

Single array elements can be copied, but array sections cannot be copied.

SHARED variables cannot be copied.

When an ALLOCATABLE array is to be copied, it must be allocated when the COPYIN directive is encountered.

COPYIN directives are permitted only within PARALLEL or PARALLEL DO constructs.


Consider the following:

  CPAR$ COPYIN A, B, /X/, C(I)

This statement specifies that the following be copied from the master thread to the PRIVATE data objects of the same name: A and B, the entire contents of common block X, and the Ith element of C.

Note: The following form is also allowed: c$COPYIN object[, object]...

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