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  4.13 Starting the Queue Manager
  VMS Version 5.5 contains a new batch and print queuing
  system. To start the queue manager and create a queue
  database, enter:

  Once you execute the START/QUEUE/MANAGER command
  the first time, it is stored in the queue database, and is
  automatically executed each time the system is rebooted.

  For more information on the START/QUEUE/MANAGER
  command, see DCL HELP or the chapter on batch and print
  operations in the Guide to Maintaining a VMS System .

  4.13.1 Standalone Queue Manager Upgrade
  Before attempting a queue manager upgrade, you should
  make sure that IPC is running and that SYSGEN
  parameters SCSNODE and SCSSYSTEMID are defined
  correctly. To determine whether IPC is running, enter the
  SHOW SYSTEM command. If IPC is running, a process
  named IPCACP is shown in the resulting display.
  If IPC is not running, it is probably because SCSNODE was
  not equal to the DECnet node name or SCSSYSTEMID
  was not defined correctly, as described in step 14 of
Section 6.5. To check and, if necessary, modify SCSNODE
  and SCSSYSTEMID, run SYSGEN as described in step 14
  of Section 6.5. Then edit SYS$SYSTEM:MODPARAMS.DAT
  and add the following lines if SCSNODE and SYSSTEMID
  are not properly defined:
  SCSNODE= "decnet_node_name"
  SCSSYSTEMID= systemid

  After correctly defining SCSNODE and SCSSYSTEMID, shut
  down the system and reboot to start IPC.

  To start the new queuing system after a standalone upgrade,
  perform the following steps:
  1. You must upgrade the old V5.4 queuing system to the new
        queuing system. Execute the following queue-upgrade
        command procedure from the SYSTEM account:

        This procedure will prompt you for the location of your
        old queue file (JBCSYSQUE.DAT), and for the location
        of the new master file QMAN$MASTER.DAT, and will
        then convert your old queue file of V5.4 into the new file
        of V5.5. (Note that your old V5.4 queue file is still saved at
        this point.)
  2. To invoke and start the new system, enter:

        Once you execute the START/QUEUE/MANAGER
        command the first time, it is stored in the queue database
        and is automatically executed each time the system
        is rebooted. Edit your site-specific startup procedure
        SYSTARTUP_V5.COM and remove the START/QUEUE
        /MANAGER command.

        For more information on the START/QUEUE
        /MANAGER command, see DCL HELP or the chapter on
        batch and print operations in the Guide to Maintaining a
        VMS System