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  UNIficazione Information Technology (UNINFO)

  Type of Group: Italian national standards body
  Mission: To develop national standards and to co-
                              operate in defining international standards
                              for information technology
  Headquarters: Torino, Italy
  Established: 1947 as UNIPREA; 1991 as UNINFO
  Membership: Three member classes:
                                  Onorario - Organizations or indi-
                                  viduals with relevant background
                                  in standards or contributors to the
                                  development of UNINFO
                                  Ordinario - Public and private compa-
                                  nies, research centers, and universities
                                  interested in standards-related activi-
                                  Aderente - Individuals working on
  Voting: On organizational issues, voting is pro-
                              portional to the fees paid. On standards-
                              related issues, each company member
                              active in the interested area within the
                              UNINFO technical structure has one vote.

  UNIficazione Information Technology (UNINFO), formerly
  UNIPREA, is a nonprofit organization working under the
  Italian organization Ente Nazionale di UNIficazione (UNI).
  UNI is the Italian national equivalent of CEN and ISO.

  UNIPREA started with a focus on bearings, coatings, and
  photography, reflecting the industrial interests in the Turin
  area at that time. Later, IT technology was added to the
  charter, following the increasing weight of the local electronic
  industry. About 80 percent of UNINFO's activity is now IT
  oriented and focused on international activities.

  Committees of concern to UNINFO are the following:

        ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information Technology
        ISO TC184 Automation and Integration
        ISO TC68 Banking

  The key goal of UNINFO is to develop national standards
  and define international standards for IT.

  The key deliverables of UNINFO are as follows:

        Contribution to IT international standards organizations
        Development of IT national standards

  In the area of contribution to international standards,
  UNINFO uses the same structure as the ISO with
  subcommittees and working groups. The technical work
  is done by experts from the UNINFO member organizations
  within the working groups that directly contribute to the
  international organization. Voting and national positions are
  defined on the basis of a ballot among the members active
  in the area. When consensus is not reached, the position is
  expressed with a majority of votes.

  In the area of national standards development, UNINFO
  either adopts developed international standards, as decided by
  UNINFO technical committees, or develops an independent
  national standard within the subcommittees and working
  groups structures.

  UNINFO has the following divisions:

        Members assembly

        Consists of Ordinari and Aderenti UNINFO members
        whose purpose is to designate the management
        Management committee

        Consists of thirteen UNINFO Ordinari members, one
        UNINFO Onorari member, and a representative of the
        UNI President. Activities include defining the technical
        committees, designating the President and the UNINFO
        Secretary, evaluating and accepting UNINFO members,
        evaluating and accepting areas of standardization to
        be addressed, and defining the work program of the
        technical committees. The management committee acts
        as the administrative body of UNINFO.
        UNINFO President

        Designated by the management committee to formally
        represent the UNINFO.
        UNINFO Secretariat

        Designated by the management committee to manage the
        UNINFO and to coordinate, when needed, the technical
        activities of the committees and subcommittees within the
        Financial staff
        Technical structure, based on the technical committees,
        subcommittees, and working groups as follows:

        - Technical committees

            Each committee is represented by a convener,
            who is part of the managing committee, and
            UNINFO members interested in the related area
            of standardization. Each technical committee
            has the following tasks: elaborate and submit
            to the management committee information on
            the development of standards, create the needed
            subcommittees and working groups, evaluate and
            accept international standards as national standards,
            and delegate representatives to the international
        - Technical subcommittees and working groups

            Consists of experts on the relevant topics, representing
            the UNINFO members. Activities include the
            following: designate a convener, cooperate with the
            relevant international organizations, define national
            votes and positions on the international standards,
            participate in the international meetings, and define
            national standards when required.
  For More Information

  UNI-Information Technology
  Corso Galileo Ferraris 93
  10128 Torino, Italy
  Telephone: +39-11-501027 or +39-11-501964
  FAX: +39-11-501837