See Global Directory Agent.


See DCE Global Directory Service.

generic interface

The interface, defined at a level that is independent of any particular programming language.

gigabyte (GB)

A unit of measurement for storage capacity equal to 1,073,741,824 (2 to the 30th power) bytes.

Global Directory Agent (GDA)

A DCE component that makes it possible for the local CDS to access names in foreign cells. The GDA provides a connection to foreign cells through either GDS or DNS.

global name

A name that is universally meaningful and usable from anywhere in the DCE naming environment. The prefix /... indicates that a name is global.

Global Server

DTS: A server that frequently provides its clock value to Courier Servers on other LANs, or infrequently provides its clock value to systems that have failed to obtain the specified number of servers locally.

global set

DTS: The group of Global Servers in a network.

glue layer

DFS: The VFS+ functions that integrate the token and authentication requirements of the DCE environment with the standard VFS functions available to a file system.


RPC: A name service entry that corresponds to one or more RPC servers that offer common RPC interface(s), RPC object(s), or both. A group contains the names of the server entries, other groups, or both that are members of the group. See also NSI group attribute.

Security: Data that associates a named set of principals who can be granted common access rights. Also, the second field of a subject identifier.

group member

RPC: A name service entry whose name occurs in the group. See also group.