RPC: An opaque reference to information. See also binding handle, context handle, interface handle , name service handle, thread handle.

hierarchical cell

A cell that is either a parent or a child of another cell.

high convergence

A setting that controls the degree to which CDS attempts to keep all replicas of a directory consistent. High convergence means CDS makes one attempt to immediately propagate an update to all replicas. If that attempt fails (for example, if one of the replicas is unavailable), the software schedules a skulk for within 1 hour. Under normal circumstances, a skulk occurs at least once every 12 hours on a directory with high convergence. High convergence is expensive, so constant use of it is not advisable. To control convergence, you modify a directory's CDS_Convergence attribute. See also low convergence, medium convergence.

home cell

See local cell.

host ID

See network address.

Host Module

DFS: The part of the File Exporter that associates information with each Cache Manager's request. This information includes the state of the client that made the call and authentication information about the user who made the request.