V file

DFS: With disk caches, a file on the disk that, by default, can hold up to 64 kilobytes of cached data. A maximum of 32,000 V files can be used for one disk cache.


XOM: An arbitrarily complex information item that can be viewed as a characteristic or property of an object. See also attribute value.

varying array

RPC: An array whose elements do not all need to be transmitted during a remote procedure call.


RPC: An array of other structures and the number of array items.


See Virtual File System.


DFS: Extensions to the standard UNIX Virtual File System (VFS). See also Virtual File System.

Virtual File System (VFS)

DFS: A level of abstraction above the specific interfaces to various types of file systems. It is used to avoid having to change kernel code to handle low-level, system-specific differences.


DFS: The structure used to access the inode or anode structure associated with a specific file through a virtual file system interface. The term vnode stands for virtual node. See also anode.