See Wide Area Network.

WAN links

Communications connections between groups of computers that are spread across a large geographical distance. Modem connections, T1 lines, and satellite hookups are some common examples. See also Wide Area Network.

well-known endpoint

RPC: A preassigned, stable endpoint that a server can use every time it runs. Well-known endpoints typically are assigned by a central authority responsible for a transport protocol. An application declares a well-known endpoint either as an attribute in an RPC interface header or as a variable in the server application code. See also dynamic endpoint, endpoint.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A network that includes computers spread across a large geographical distance, usually involving several cities, states, or countries.


XDS: A space in which OM objects of certain OM classes can be created, together with an implementation of the object management functions that supports those OM classes.

workspace interface

The interface as realized, for the dispatcher's benefit, by each workspace individually.