DFS Data Organization

DFS data is organized at three levels. (See the following figure.)

Files, Directories, Filesets, and Aggregates

The three levels of DFS data are, from smallest to largest:

Files and directories

The file is the unit of user data. Directories organize files (and other directories) into a hierarchical tree structure.


The fileset is the unit of administration. A fileset is a subtree of files and directories that is no larger than a disk or partition (or logical volume, if supported). The fileset is a convenient grouping of files for administrative purposes; for example, the subtree of files pertaining to a particular project can be grouped in the same fileset.


The aggregate is the unit of disk storage, similar to a disk partition. It is also the unit of fileset exporting, which makes the data in filesets available to users of DFS. It can contain one or more filesets.