1 Overview

KAP C is a source-to-source preprocessor that restructures C code for improved performance and better utilization of the memory hierarchy of Compaq OpenVMS Alpha systems. KAP performs parallel decomposition to take advantage of shared memory and symmetric multiprocessors. By eliminating inefficiencies and bottlenecks, KAP enables you to get your answers faster without time-consuming, hand-recoding of applications programs.

Because KAP makes it possible to run serial C programs efficiently on advanced architecture computers without hand-recoding, the original programs remain portable and users need not concern themselves with the details of each machine.

KAP optimizations include:

The KAP conversion process is designed to operate effectively without intervention from you. KAP provides a large set of command- line qualifiers and inline assertions and directives that the advanced user can use for even better performance on specific codes. The optional KAP listing file includes information that identifies the parts of the source program that could benefit from such attention.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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